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Below is some useful information for those who are considering investing, opening a business, and/or residing on the island. Please remember that Aruba Brokers is able to provide you with advising, and our expertise can help expedite the release of business, investment and other permits.

Investing in Arubaumbre-invest

Aruba is fast developing as an international financial services center. Favorable provisions in the form of special tax concessions for investment companies exist. Some possibilities are Finance Companies, Offshore Banking Companies, Royalty Companies, Investment and Holding Companies. Another interesting possibility is the AVV or Aruba Exempt Company.

A business license is required for an incorporated company and non-residents always needs a business license for starting a business on the island. The granting of a license depends on the kind of business that will be established, an important factor being whether the business contributes to an enlargement of the economic basis of Aruba and if it is capital-intensive.

Before starting your own business other authorities may have to be contacted to obtain licenses and for you to become familiar with procedures and regulations.

Business license application requirements differ depending on the type of businesses with some having special requisites such as restaurants, beer houses or cafés; car rental, bus tours and water sport related companies.

There are certain guidelines which need to be taken into consideration when forming a company and it is important to be familiar with these.


Before starting its business operations, a corporation must apply for the following licenses:

A business license

This allows the company to start and maintain a business in Aruba. Applications must be directed to the Minister of Economic Affairs.

A director's license

Must be sought for each of the company's foreign managing directors, allowing him to act on behalf of the company. Applications must be directed to the Minister of Economic 

The application for a business license has to be done with:

Directie Economische Zaken
L.G. Smith Boulevard 160
Oranjestad, Aruba
Phone: +297 582 1181 / 582 1942 
Fax +297 583 4494

After the application is presented on sealed paper (obtainable with the post office and Board of Taxes) to Economic Affairs you are called to give further information on:

  • the proposed activities of the company
  • the number of employees
  • the projected investment
  • the location of the company
  • personally of the managing director(s), stockholder(s) or owner(s)
  • the remaining documents e.g. permits for different branches, work and residence permit, proof of registration in the Census Office

Upon receipt of confirmation of the business license, a confirmation fee has to be paid. It is recommended to allow ample time for the application. As it is forbidden to establish a business without a license, authorities can close down the company with immediate effect.